Automatic brick production line
Weida fired brick(clay brick,flyash brick, coal gauge bricks etc) production line adopt the most advanced auto brick making machine,automatic tunnel kiln and DCS system to realized fully automatic control to save labors and energy, according to customer raw material property, we support customer different plant solutions. Read more
Power plant SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) honeycomb catalyst production line
SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) for denitrification of nitrogen oxides in smokes is the mainstream technology in the world. SCR use reduction function of NH3 to NOx, under the condition of temperate between 320~400℃, that catalyst reduction happens change NOx to N2 and water which have no impact to the environment . We support customer with full prouction line, the main Scr catalyst production equipments include intensive mixer, de-airing extruder, mesh belt kiln. Read more
scr catalyst de-airing extruder
Terracotta facade production line
Terracotta facade panel is new extruded wall tile, which harmoniously combined the high-tech and the ecology, was born in Europe. Once come to appear, with its rich artistic atmosphere, elegant, abundant and natural coloring, environment friendly quality, energy-conserving and noise insulation features, it has gradually won the market world widely through the architects, developers, designers and all other professionals in this related field. it use nature terracotta as main material, per high pressure de-airing extruder, then cutting and drying, at last formed after sintering around 1200°C. Xiangtan Weida Electrical and Machinery manufacture Co.,LTD is the only one in China which can supply complete terracotta facade panel production line and production technology. read more
terracotta facade panel production line
Split tile production line
Split tile is a high class extruded wall/floor tile featured very high artistic performance, it take viscosity clay as main raw material, adopted high pressure de-airing extruder, per drying and firing in high temperature(1170-1210℃). Compare to conventional production technology, Xiangtan Weida Electrical and Machinery manufacture Co.,LTD also allowed 450 de-airing extruder forming, 5 layer roller dryer drying and roller kiln fast firing technology to improve productivity and save labors. read more
Splti tile production line
Clay roof tile production line
WEIDA complete clay roofing tile production line is characterized by high automation, advanced technology, fluid whole production process. The clay roofing tile production line automatic degree can be completely compared with the same kind of developed countries while the clay roof tile machine price is 1/3 of theirs. The core clay roof tile machine of our clay roofing tile production line is WYJ100-1 fully auto tile press, it absorbed the advantage of the same kind clay roof tile machine of German and Italy, it is the most advanced tile press in China. check it out!
automatic clay roofing tile production line


The first complete  Dry-body technology ceramic tile production line with 2000m2/day for mirpur ceramic works, Dhaka,Bangladesh fully support by Xiangtan Weida Electrical and Machinery manufacture Co.,LTD have been finished commissioning on 17  Nov 2011. read more


Cover 5 major fields, 8 product series and dozens of product group. Include clay roofing tile production line, terracotta facade panel production line, split tile production line, ceramic tile production line, ceramic honeycomb production line and clay brick production line. check it out!


WEIDA specialized in providing complete plant solutions for heavy clay(ceramic) and environment protection ceramic industry . Our service from material chemical analysis,  tile composition R&D, production line technology design, ceramic machinery selection and read more


Xiangtan Weida electrical and machinery manufacturer Co.,LTD

About usWith the flourishing development of heavy ceramic industry and special ceramic both at home and abroad,Xiangtan Weida electrical and machinery manufacturer Co.,LTD aimed at market requirement of dry-hang terracotta facade panel machine, ceramic honeycomb machine ,fully automatic clay roof tile press and automatic clay brick production line, combined over ten years’ successful  heavy ceramic machinery and kiln R&D experience, first in China to lunch complete fully auto production equipments for dry-hang terracotta facade panel ,SCR denitration catalyst and clay roofing tile, the main equipments of 650  de-airing extruder ,450 de-airing extruder,350 de-airing extruder, 310 powerful de-airing extruder,DCS control system for clay brick production line are all initiative invention in China.  Weida have formed industrial structure consist of 5 major product field,8 product series and dozes of product groups, products are exported to European union, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, North Korean, Iran, Angora, Syria and other 20 countries, win the praise both from home and abroad customers.

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