Ceramic Roller Extruder

General Details

TCJ280 ceramic roller extruder uses the plasticity property of raw material making ceramic roller and pipes etc. The raw materials usually are aluminum powder, ceramic clay, activated carbon or other chemical components.

This new ceramic roller extruder’s design and manufacture combined our years of experience of pipe extruding and the new D&D achievements of scr honeycomb catalyst extruder. The extruding pressure is large, stable and uniformly, thus the roller/pipe extruding speed is very fast while the quality is very good, take extrudingΦ80mm aluminum pipes for example, the speed reach 80m/min(If you do not need this high extruding speed extruder, we suggest use TCJ1320 extruder). As the extruding speed is very fast, it also designed water cooling system to avoid machinery overheating. Up material mixing shafts and down material extruding shafts are drove by variable-frequency and variable-speed motor respectively, this design enable adjust rotation speed of mixing shaft and extruding shaft to suit different specification rollers/pipes manufacturing.  TCJ280 ceramic roller extruder is the most mature de-airing extruder for ceramic roller or pipe manufacturing.

Main technical parameters:

1,Capacity: (1)Extrude ceramic pipes: 4~5m/min ;

                              (2)Extruded solid product:2~4T/H

2,Raw material moisture:15~18%

3,Extruding pressure:>3Mpa

4,Screw blade diameter:280mm

5,Over all size(L×W×H):4284×1065×1830mm

6,Motor power:22Kw+37Kw

7,Net weight:8500 kg

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