Tile Splitting Machine

General Details

The tile splitting machine is used for separate fired split tiles and ceramic bricks. This new type tile splitting machine is designed and manufactured by WEIDA company introduced abroad technology and combine Chinese splitting machinery design experience. Its capacity is high, no noise and no tile breakage when splitting.

Tile splitting machine main features:

  1. Compact design, high productivity, no noise and tiles breakage
  2. The knife use high hardness and high abrasion proof material, and have been heat treatment, it is durable in use.

Tile splitting machine main technical parameters:

  1. Capacity: Max 18M/min
  2. Tile size available: 50~280mm(adjustable)
  3. Overall size:2000x1300x1310mm
  4. Net weight: 750kg
  5. Motor power: 2.25Kw

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