Brick De-airing Extruder

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“WEIDA” series brick extruder is the new brick making machine designed and manufactured by our factory through several researches and combine of domestic experience and German technology. The main frame is welded by using high quality steel, floating spindle, wear-resistant high-chromium alloy clay cylinder. “WEIDA” brick extruder has the features of rational structure, stable and durable in use, low energy consumption, high productivity, suit for kinds of material and easy to maintenance and so on. It presents a leading technology in brick making machine industry for making various hollow, solid bricks, clay brick, shale bricks or coal gangue bricks and so on.

“WEIDA” series brick extruder mainly includes double stage brick extruder and compact vacuum extruder.

Double stage brick extruder adopt German technology, capacity is large, extruding pressure is large, advanced design make the clay cylinder not heating, screw blade performance life is longer 3 times than other domestic brands. This new brick making machine is able to extruding clay bricks, flyash bricks, coal gangue bricks etc.

Double stage brick extrude main technical parameters:

Compact brick extruder’s design and manufacture in line with the conditions of actual medium and small brick factory. This brick making machine have compact structure, stable performance, simple installation, high green brick quality, hard tooth face transmission, long service life and saving energy consumption etc. This brick extruder only need one motor to drive and can produce various type of hollow bricks, solid bricks, clay bricks, coal gangue bricks, shale bricks, flyash bricks etc.
Impact brick extruder main technical parameters:

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