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SCR Catalyst Production Line

SCR use reduction function of NH3 to NOx, under the condition of temperate between 320~400℃, which catalyst reduction happens change NOx to N2 and water which have no impact to the environment . We support customer with full production line, the main SCR catalyst production equipments include intensive mixer, de-airing extruder, mesh belt kiln.

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Clay Roofing Tile Production Line

WEIDA complete clay roofing tile production line is characterized by high automation, advanced technology, fluid whole production process. The clay roofing tile production line automatic degree is world class. The core clay roof tile machine of our clay roofing tile production line is WDSY-100 fully auto tile press which is the most advanced tile press in Chin

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Terracotta Facade Production Line

Terracotta facade panel is extruded wall tile with its rich artistic atmosphere, elegant, abundant and natural coloring, environment friendly quality, energy-conserving and noise insulation features. This building use nature terracotta as main material, per high pressure de-airing extruder, then cutting and drying, at last formed after sintering around 1200°C

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Split Tile Production Line

Split tile is a high class extruded wall/floor tile featured very high artistic performance. It take clay as main raw material, adopted high pressure de-airing extruder, per drying and firing in high temperature(1170-1210℃). There are 2 production technology: tunnel kiln and roller kiln which depend on customer actual situations.

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Clay brick production line

WEIDA fired brick(clay brick, flyash brick, coal gauge bricks etc) production line adopt the most advanced auto brick making machine, automatic tunnel kiln and DCS system to realized fully automatic control to save labors and energy. According to customer raw material property, we support customer different plant solutions.

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Quartz surface production line

WEIDA supply customer with the quartz surface production line of most advanced technology:1. By our patented extrusion technology, single extruder can output 4000m2/day.2.The line can produce both inorganic and organic quartz surface.

Honeycomb ceramic production line

WEIDA supply customer with the production line both for ceramic honeycomb (substrate) and coating. Almost all of Chinese car catalyst manufacturer use our machine.

Ceramic flat sheet membrane production line

WEIDA supply customer with the production line both include machinery and technology. Almost all of Chinese flat sheet membrane manufacturer use our machine.

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    Clay Roofing Tiles Production Line
  2. 2
    Extruded Wall Production Line
  3. 3
    Split Tile Production Line
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    Quartz Surface Production Line
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    SCR Catalysts Production Line
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    Honeycomb Catalysts Production Line
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    Ceramic Roller Production Line



Raw Material Preparation

Raw material is the foundation of the project. The raw material should be with high quality while easy to get and cost less. We have mature Lab to help customer to analysis materials so that they can find the most proper materials.


Determining process plan

There is always many production technology to achieve final products, but the best way usually is only one. Our professional engineer team are able to build the best process plan according to customer’s actual situation.


Layout Design

As an non-standard production line, it is hardly to find total the same two plants. According to customer’s actual situation and process plan, we design the scientific layout for customer.

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Machine Manufacture

Machine manufacture under the strict technological standard. We have set up a set of high level plant supervision system which enable customer to join and control complete production process


Installation and Commissioning

After goods arrived customer’s factory, our engineering team will go installation and commissioning for them. During the period of installation and commissioning, primary training for customer’s staff will be done


After-Sale Service

The guarantee period of all machinery is one year since acceptance document is signed. Technical support is lifelong and free