Terracotta Facade De-airing Extruder

General Details

TCJ 450 terracatto facade de-airing extruder is developed based on TCJ350 clay  de-airing extruder and absorbed the advantage of German HANDLE de-airing extruder for extruding wider ceramic board(include terracotta facade panel,ceramic plate,split tile). It break through 3 technical problem of “extruding pressure is not high, clay went hot, poor stability of clay force pressure”, it got national patent on 2010 and have been approved in many terracotta facade panel production lines and ceramic plate ceramic board production lines.

1. TCJ450 terracotta facade de-airing extruder structure features:

terracotta facade drawing

1.1TCJ450 terracotta facade de-airing extruder general structure:

As the drawing 1 shown, TCJ-450 ceramic extruder is conventional up and down 2 grade structure, up part is double shaft mixing device, the 37kw motor through gear box and Coupling drive 2 mixing shaft rotation, installed mixing blades on the front of shaft, installed screw blades on the back of shaft and connect with vacuum room. Installed clay impeditive blade at the last end of shaft, in order to compact the clay and formed a sealed environment with vacuum room before the clay enter vacuum room, and cut the adobe thus the clay will not accumulated on the vacuum room and do not make jam happens.

The lower grade of the ceramic extruder use air clutch, 90KW motor through gear box and coupling drove the main shaft and clay board,  lower screw blade use high quality steel making and inlay high grade and easy to changeable wear resistance alloy. Designed high strength organic glass watching hole in the vacuum room with diameter 250mm for easy inspect and clean vacuum room.

1.2 TCJ450 de-airing extruder features:

In the lower part, drive, main shaft, extruding cylinder, extruding funnel and screw blade is designed and special treatment according to wider ceramic board extruding requirement, reinforced main shaft use high quality steel, through quenching and tempering treatment and thermal treatment, enable it enough rigidity and strength. Screw blade as the core parts, is designed based on abroad machines and after repeated experiment according to different material. Complete screw blade is cast forming to guarantee its accuracy.

For easy clean machine and maintenance, clay cylinder jacket and liner adopt splitting structure, cylinder jacket equipped with water cooling system, it can cooling the clay cylinder via cooling water, thus down the clay temperature, liner anti-slip groove use special device, thus can stop the clay revolve and re-back to cylinder.

Extruding funnel (also called machine head) is used to connect the screw blade with mould, for guarantee symmetry, it should according to mould manufacture.

1.3 Other related configuration of TCJ450 terracotta facade de-airing extruder

Electrical control: electrical cabinet have open Remote control interface, can central controlled with other machines and form automatic production line. Up and down motor use frequency converter regulating speed, it can both single and synchronized regulating speed. Up and down motor rotation speed Synchronization and joint control firstly, can decrease the possibility of clay jam caused by the clay enter and exit vacuum room imbalance.

Temperature and pressure tester: designed digital pressure and temperature tester, it can inspect the forming pressure and clay temperature any time.

Extruding funnel: TCJ450 terracotta facade panel extruder equipped with 2 standard funnel 500x150mm and 900x200mm, the previous one can produce product with width 250-400, the last one use for 450—600. It can be customized for special requirement.

Mould: Equipped with a 300×18 hollow ceramic board mould.

2.TCJ450 terracotta facade de-airing exturder main technical parameters:
  • Main screw diameter:Φ450mm
  • Rotation speed:0~12.8r/min
  • Extruding pressure:≥3.5Mpa
  • Extruding speed:7-12m/min(adjustable)
  • Vacuum degree:≥-0.094Mpa
  • Motor power:upper motor 37KW, lower motor 90KW
  • Overall size:about 6000X1950X1850mm
  • Net weight:11500KG

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