Ceramic Brick Extruder

General Details

TCJ 280 ceramic brick extruder is a professional is our latest developed ceramic extruder based on SRC ceramic honeycomb extruder. This new ceramic brick extruder mainly used to produce wooden texture  type brick and other ceramic bricks for wall and floor.

The  extruded wooden type tile made by this machine have vivid imitative wood effect, wood grain run-through whole bricks and don’t vanish forever.TCJ 280  tile extruder is the most professional integration of extruded wooden texture type brick forming equipment. The working principle: feeding the background material into TCJ 280 while feeding coloring material into wood core machine. These two kinds of materials formed into spiral color type clay pie under the effect of screw blade, then cut by the die and formed into wooden grain brick.

TCJ 280 ceramic extruder also is the best extruder for froming cubic ceramics.

Main technical parameters:

  • Capacity 3-5t/h
  • Diameter of extruding screw :280mm
  • Pressure of extrusion: ≥1.5MPa(adjustable)
  • air clutch working press: 0.5-0.8MPa
  • Vacuum degree: 98kpa
  • Motor power: 59kw
  • Overall size About :4395×1865×1850mm
  • Net weight :7000kg

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