Ceramic Plate De-airing Extruder

General Details

TCJ650 ceramic plate de-airing extruder is horizontal de-airing extruder, is very important ceramci plate machine. We design this de-airing extruder is special used for extruding large size ceramic plate (include terracotta facade, clay floor or wall tile, thin ceramic board etc) It is the most advance de-airing extruder for wide clay facade panel and ceramic board forming. The features of TCJ650 ceramic plate extruder as below:

  1. This de-airing extruder use 4 shafts structure, double shafts extruding, the extruding pressure is very high and can eliminate the helical stress thus the terracotta facade panel and ceramic board will not easy to cracking and distortion.
  2. This de-airing extruder with wide extruding jet, it is easy to extruding super width terracotta facade panel and ceramic board, ceramic plate.
  3. Initiative in inner-outer double water cooling system for this de-airing extruder, the extruded clay is not heating.

TCJ650 terracotta facade panel de-airng extruder main technical parameters:

  • Moisture of pug 14-20%
  • Capacity 3-7t/h
  • Rotate speed of stirring screw ≥12.8 r/min(adjustable)
  • Rotate speed of extruding screw ≥19.8 r/min(adjustable)
  • Diameter of extruding screw φ320x2mm
  • Pressure of extrusion ≥10MPa
  • air clutch working press 0.5-0.8MPa
  • Vacuum degree 98kpa
  • Upper motor power: 37kw
  • Lower motor power: 75kw
  • Overall size About: 5350×1677×2060mm
  • Net weight: 12000kg

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