Multi-Layer Roller Dryer

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Multi-layer roller dryer widely used for clay roofing tile drying,ceramic plate(board) drying and special for terracotta facade panel drying. Per extruding technology,the green terracotta facade panel and clay roofing tile moisutre will be around 18% which is not suitable for firing, and using conventioal tunnel dryer will cost at least 12 hours even 24 hours,thus is the prodctivity is not good. Multi-layer roller dryer well solved the problems, it only need 2.5~5 hours for drying the green caly tiles.  It is the core euipment of terracotta facade panel production line and full automatic clay roofing tile production line.

5-layers roller drying kiln is the most advanced roller dryer. The success of this equipment brings a technological revolution in drying technology. It is not only solved the problems of uneven drying in previous chamber type drying technology and easy to crack, deformation and others, but also shorted the drying time and improved the productivity largely. This equipment is suite for drying some high class glazed tiles, split tiles, terracotta facade tiles which adopt wet extruding, roller dyer drying.


The dryer enable the brick fast drying in a very widely range of drying period (Depend on the uniformity of whole technological parameter and the adobe steady performance). Through every stage of drying, the water content of adobes could meet 1% when getting out drying kiln. The kiln inner and top wall use 2mm steel board. According to drying feature of product, the air ducts have been segment special handing, make sure the temperature and humidity in kiln is very uniformly.

The transmission adopted conventional 45°C bevel gear driving, gear is soaked in oil tank to guarantee the well running condition of driving system, thus maximize guarantee the driving balance. Separate drying, every layer is equipped with a frequency conversion, total 5 frequency conversion for speed regulating to make the dryer could adopt different product, and enable a very large regulating range of drying period.

Main technical parameters:
  • Unit length: 5250mm
  • Rated length: 3000mm
  • Layers: 3~5 layers (Per requirement to design)
  • Drying temperature: 50~150°C
  • Adobes enter dryer water content: 12~17%
  • Adobes get out dryer water content 1~2%
  • Roller diameter: Φ60mm
  • Center distance between rollers: 87.5mm
  • Roller material: seamless steel pipe
  • Roller length: 3900mm


Drying kiln consists of:

Transmission: bevel gear driving, unified control by 1*5 frequency conversion (1Set/layer),

12 drive motors /layer.

Fan: thermal supply cycle fan 12 Sets (18.5kw) + dehumidify fan 2 Sets; Fan is variable frequency control.

Combustion engine: 12 Sets

Temperature control system: balance air supply system, air regulating valve and auto temperature PID adjuster.

Hygrometer: Set 6 humidity control devices, and designed manual humidity test holes in other proper area, mainly regulate the humidity manually (spot check by portable humidity detector)

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