Pusher Kiln for Clay Roof Tile

General Details

Pusher kiln is suite for samll capacity ceramic product like clay roofing tile(Max. meet 14,000pcs),daily ceramic firing and split tiles, the investment is lower than tunnel kiln and the operaton is very simple,at the same time, the thermal steady and firing product quality is much better than hoffman kiln, it usually equipped a chain dryer upon the kiln which can used the residual kiln heat to drying the tiles. Usually a 32M pusher kiln capacity meet 10,000pcs of clay roofing tile/ day but it is impossilbe realize fully automatic production.(click here for automatic tunnel kiln)

Main technicalpqrqmeter(clay roofing tile firing kiln):
  • Length: 26-40m
  • Passage dimension:370x370mm(design changed by different tile)
  • Passage quantity:2-6
  • Design the temperature: 1350oC
  • Burn the able period; according to the product
  • Difference in temperature: ±5oC
  • Fuel:coal, gas,biogas etc

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