Clay Roofing Tile Extruder

General Details

TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder is our patent product, it is the most widely used special clay roofing tile machine. It also can used for extruding clay bricks, split tiles and ceramic rollers etc.

 TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruderbasic structure

TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder is horizontal de-airing extruder. It consist of frequency converter, motor, small belt pulley, large belt pulley, texrope, air clutch, gear-box, box coupling, air remove cylinder, de-airing device, inner lining adamant extruding cylinder, outer surrounding adamant of spiral blade, electrical control device, machine frame and so on.

 TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder power installation

The motor of this de-airing extruder slow down by stair belt, pass the power to gear-box by air clutch, upper slide of gear-box pass dynamic force to upper mixing shaft, bottom of gear-box pass dynamic force to lower extruding shaft. With the air clutch install inside of large belt pulley, when temporary-term stop machine, it is no need stop the motor increase capability start-up with load.

TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder feeding and mixing device

The dynamic forces from upper slide of gear-box generated by two mixing shaft drive two pair of blade and mixing screw inverse rotation, impel pug after breaking agitation and mix which in the clay cylinder, can be across sieve plate to divide into thin bands, enter into de-airing cylinder for vacuum remove air treatment. Beside, the complete set of blade, propeller and clay-press screw all are adopt sectional assembling mode for easy to replace and improve the work efficiency.

 TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder extruding device

Drove by the Bottom of gear-box, per discharging shaft and sleeve type coupling, bring extrusion shaft and extrusion spiral blade on the axis rotate, make the clay which was being de-airing to get more treatment of agitation, melt and uniform mixing.

 TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder De-airing device

TCJ 350 de-airing extruder consist of vacuum pump, vacuum chamber and vacuum pipes and so on, the function is forming vacuum, is good to remove waste gas in the clay, raise the clay plastic performance, the machine employ two parts screen plate installation, it easy to replace the abrasive screen plate.

 TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder frame

TCJ 350 de-airing extruder frame bring device together such as dynamo, belt pulley, air clutch, transmission gear box, loading inner tube, pump bowl, go mud snout and so on. Insure the relative position of the parts, and fixing the machine on the concrete foundation bed hardly by anchor bolt, insure vacuum extruder work reliably, setting the control switch of air clutch on frame, startup and stop of extrude mud advantage.

 TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder operating principle

Clay roofing tile de-airing extruder operating principle is: Pug joins the sludge barrel by skip, via breaking, agitation and mix by two churning screws, then divide into thin mud band admission pump bowl by bolter, then vacuum degassing treatment admission vacuum chamber and extrusion device, pug agitation, smelt, flareout mix and extrusion compactness farther by press mud device, by field chopper snout (molding die and mould), extruding and turn into high density, good mechanical ruggedness, no internal stress and surface luster of flan. clay roofing tile extruder is a very important clay roofing tile machine

TCJ 350 clay roofing tile extruder main tehcnical parameters:

Data Variable
Capacity 4-6t/h
Diameter of extruding screw 350mm
Pressure of extudsion ≥3MPa(adjustable)
air clutch working press 0.5-0.8MPa
Vacuum degree 98kpa
Motor power 55kw
Overall size About 4566×1950×1413mm
Net weight 7000kg

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