Roller Kiln

General Details

High temperature roller kiln is modern sintering equipment for industrial ceramic such as wall and floor tile, terracotta facade, high class roofing tile.

Kiln structure: The kiln consist of below parts, the length of every part is variable as the quality and quantity of product.

Pre-heat part: eliminate residual water and gradually heating bricks.

Sintering area: will occur physical transformation and chemical reaction and give some property to the finished product. Per multi-firing nozzle heating the product, the best firing curve could be realized by regulating air valve, gas valve.

Fast cooling area: Bricks have two stages of temperature reduction. The first stage is directly leading in proper room air for temperature drop. The second stage is directly leading in the room air which has been crossed heat exchanger for temperature drop. Heat exchanger is mounted on the roller plane, it made by stainless steel. In the fast cooling part, the temperature drop to 600~700°C.

Indirectly cooling area: Enable cooling down the product to 600~350°C. Mounting heat exchanger on the upside of roller, the hot air of roller surface and kiln make heat exchanging. Cooling air is not directly contact with product. There is no nozzle in this area mainly to prevent first several rows of brick’s temperature is too lower thus cause brick crack.

Cooling part: The product finally is cooling. In the front stage, through 1 fan fine air pipe on the kiln wall directly blowing and forming cooling area; in the end cooling part using large air volume fan for cooling.

Burning device: Burning device consist of below parts:

n       oxidize flame nozzle

n       regulating device

n       solenoid valve before the firing nozzle

n       Low temperature flame control and portable lighter

Temperature control meter: nozzle is mounted on different temperature control area, every temperature area consist of below parts:

n       Thermocouple for temperature checking

n       Controller PID

When sintering curve is depend on firing curve, according to the signs received by thermocouple to control every servo motor, servo motor will control the gas valve to let the actual measure value meet the meter valve.

Drive system

(1)    Use 45°bevel gear segment driving, drive chains sock oil for lubricating.

(2)    Drive gear use 45# steel, it formed per processing, hobbing, high frequency quenching and bluing, it is durable. Small gear use key for positioning, big gear use sharp hole for positioning, never slipping.

(3)    Segment driving, drive by 22 cycloidal needle wheel type motors of 0.75KW

(4)    Using 5 frequency convertors of 5.5KW adjust speed.

(5)    Driving system has protected function in electricity design.

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