Quartz Surface Production Line

Basic Technological Process of quartz surface

Ingredients → Raw material mixing and kneading → Extrusion molding → cutting → Pre-curing → Steam curing → Polishing and grinding (deep processing) → Laminating → Packaging

Introduction of production process

Raw material storage: store various raw materials in different bins. The main equipment required is silo, dust collector, etc.;

Raw material weighing ratio: Weigh various raw materials in batches according to the established process formula parameters. The main equipment required includes weighing bin, screw feeder, intermediate bin, etc.;

Raw material mixing: The weighed raw material is mixed with the liquid raw material to make it into a mixture. The main equipment required is a mixer, belt conveyor, liquid filling system, etc.;

Kneading: The mixture is kneaded to increase plasticity and meet extrusion requirements. The necessary equipment is a kneader, etc.;

Extrusion molding: The raw materials automatically enter the vacuum extruder, and the wet body is extruded through a specific die. The main equipment required is vacuum extruder, vacuum pump, water cooler, mold, etc.;

Cutting: The continuously extruded wet body is automatically cut to the required length online and enters the tray. The main equipment required are automatic cutting system, electric roller table, tray, etc.;

Pre-curing: The wet green body placed on the pallet is stacked on the maintenance truck through a special manipulator, and enters the curing room for pre-curing. After completion, the pallet is automatically unloaded and the green body is stacked. The main equipment required includes loading and unloading manipulators, transfer trucks, mobile frames, maintenance rooms, etc.;

Steam curing and curing: the pre-cured wool board enters the steam curing kettle for high-pressure curing, and the board is automatically unloaded after completion. The main equipment required includes steaming frame, steaming kettle, manipulator and other equipment;

Deep processing: Deep processing the rough board to make it meet the size requirements and brightness requirements. The main equipment required is a manipulator, a calibrating machine, a trimming machine, a polishing machine, an ultra-cleaning machine, a laminating machine, a connecting roller table, etc.;

Packing: Pack the product into storage.

Main machinery list
Item Specification QTY Remark

Powder weighing and conveying system

Silo ф3800 12Pcs 80 cubic meters, with weighing, dust removal, vibration cutting
Belt conveyors B800 Determined by process layout

Liquid batching, metering and delivery system

Liquid tank 2Lot
Metering pumps

Raw material mixing system

Intermediate warehouse 2M3 5 Pcs With feeding trough
2t electric hoist 1Set
Mixer R-19 4Set
Mixing platform 16M×5M 1Lot  H=2M
Belt conveyors B800 Determined by process layout

Extrusion molding and wet blank cutting, conveying and curing system

Kneader NHJ-2000 1 Set
Belt conveyors BP800 Determined by process layout
Combined vacuum extruder TCJB-500 1 Set
Synchronous cutting machine WDQ-800 1 Set Cut the wet billet, bring it into the backing mechanism, and automatically load the bracket
Pad conveyor line WDS-800 1Line Horizontal, vertical steering, vertical
Unloading manipulator 1 Set
Guide Light rail 12KG/M
Laminated manipulator 1 Set
Guide Light rail 15KG/M
Pad 2700X900X50 500
bracket 2800X1000X120 500
Maintenance room 2Rooms
Steaming kettle DN2300 2 Set

Green body post-processing system

Suction cup manipulator 1 Set
End cross cutting machine ZHQ1000/2 1 Set
Calibrating machine DH1000/6 1 Set
Turnover mechanism 1 Set
polisher SMH100D/20 2 Sets
Transmission lines W2400/3000 4Lines Determined by process layout
Waxing machine
Connecting roller table Determined by process layout

Auxiliary equipment and accessory system

Mould 8 Pcs
Combination head 2 Pcs
Vacuum pump 2H-15 1 Set
Water cooler 1 Set
Cockpit 1 Set
Water treatment system 1 Set Capacity 20CM3/H

Remark: Above proposal is only for reference purpose! Every line should be customized according to acutal situtation include  Raw material condition, panel specification,  climate condition etc.

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