SCR Denitration Catalyst Extruder

General Details

Model TCJ310 4-Shaft SCR denitration catalyst extruder is a patented product with latest technology, the maximum extrusion can over 10Mpa. It is special used in forming honeycomb type SCR catalyst for power plant. We are the only one manufacture which master the technology for making this machine in China, more than 50 scr catalyst manufacturer use this extruder.

The scr SCR denitration catalyst extruder is specialize in producing ceramic honeycomb(SCR catalyst for denitration) . It is the core equipment of SCR ctalyst production line.

 Main technical parameters:

▲Technical requirements:

●All parts in touch with raw materials are made of stainless steel 304

▲Up part:

●  Driving motor: SEW, DFV225S4/V 37KW 1470r/min

●  Up shaft reducer: SEW, MC3PLSF05 1:55.7403

●  UP shaft screw blade: Φ180mm, stainless steel, inner shaft water cooling

●  Up material cylinder: inner wall adopt stainless steel with water cooling system

●   Rotation speed of up extruding shaft: 29.6RPM (adjustable)

●  Cutter: adopt stainless steel 304

▲  Down part:

●  Driving motor of down shat: SEW, DFV280S4/V 75KW 1480r/min

●  Reducer of down shaft: SEW, M3PSF60 1:86.5623

●  Main screw blade: Φ310,stainless steel 304,inner shaft water cooling

●  Supporting screw blade: Φ220 stainless steel, inner shaft water cooling

●  Main shaft material: 40Cr

●  Extruding cylinder: stainless steel with water cooling jacket

●  Temperature and pressure sensor on extruding end, they convert signal and feedback to control plate.

▲  De-airing room

●  Inner wall: stainless steel 304

●  Vacuum pump: >550 liter/min

●  Motor for de-airing room: 3Kw

●  When vacuum pump working, noise should less than 75dB(within 1M), vacuum pump capacity should make negative pressure in vacuum room meet -0.096MPa.

●  Reserve observation window on 4 sides of vacuum room

●  Control cabinet: vertical type (include wiring between cabinet with machine)

●  Cooling pipe: exposed part with thermal insulation jacket

●  Power supply: 380V three phase 50HZ

●  Over all size(L×W×H): 6650×1730×2200 mm

●  Net weight: 12000 Kg

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