TCJ250 Pre-Fitler Extruder

General Details

TCJ 250 pre-filter extruder is designed based on the features of China environment friendly catalyst ceramics production such as scr catalyst making, and absorbed the features of existing same type machines both home and abroad, at the same time, the machine could extrude plastic clay for other industries. It could change different specification of technology machine nose and nozzle or sieve plate for pre-extruding and filtering catalyst raw material or extruding ceramic roller. It usually installed behind intensive mixer when in scr catalyst production line.

Usually need two sets when production, upside and underside layout. The upper one is for pre-filtering, the lower on is for extruding cubic shape. In three-way ceramic honeycomb carrier or scr catalyst production line, it usually be installed before the de-airing extruder, after the  intensive mixer.

▲Pre-extruder material requirement:

●All material contact with clay selects Model 316 stainless steel.

●Other parts required corrosive resistance use Model 304 stainless steel.

▲Upper part of pre-extruder:

●Motor: 22Kw (general motor)

●Reducer: cycloidal gear speed reducer (directly-connected)

●Frequency converters: Invt

●Screw blade: Φ250mm 316 stainless steel

●Clay tank: inner wall select Model 316 stainless steel

●Extruding shaft speed: 25Rpm/Min (adjustable)

●Outlet requirement: need install 4-6 eyes sieve board.

●The installation way of sieve board should be convenient for remove and washing.

●Equipped with inner and outer water cooling

▲Lower part of Pre-extruder:

●Motor power: 22Kw

●Reducer: cycloidal gear speed reducer (directly-connected)

●Frequency converters: Invt

●Screw blade: Φ250mm 316 Model stainless steel

●Extruding shaft: material select 40Cr

●Extruding cylinder: inner wall select Model 316 stainless steel, equipped with water cooling jacket.

●Rotation speed: 25Rpm (adjustable)

●Extruding speed: meet 1.5~2.5T/H

●Overall size((L×W×H): about 4500×1500×2400 mm

●Net weight: 5000Kg

●Equipped with inner and outer cooling

●Electrical cabinet is made by Weida (PLC control), electrical components from Zhengtai.

●Operation can be manual, can be connect to centralized control (PLC), procedure setting available.

▲Vacuum chamber:

●Inner wall: Model 316 stainless steel

●Vacuum pump: >550liter/Min Motor power: 3Kw

●Vacuum station noise should less than 75dB (within 1 M) when working, vacuum pump capacity meet let the vacuum degree to -0.098MPa.

●Vacuum chamber reserved observation window.

▲Other requirements:

1.Screw stock bin, screw aging bin, feeding and discharging all reserved observation window.

2.Pre-filter and pre-extruder all have inner and outer cooling.

3.The vacuum chamber between pre-filter and pre-extruder have observation window.

4.All joint of equipments should be easy to clean.

5.Pre-filter extrude the clay as noodle shape, pre-extruder extrude the clay as granule shape.

(inbuilt cutter in extruding outlet )

6.Control panel: free standing (includes the wiring between control panel and machine)

7.Cooling pipes: exposure parts have thermal insulation jacket.

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