R19 Intensive Mixer

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R19 intensive mixer, it’s the latest developed and produced new mixing equipment by our company. R19 intensive mixer is used for the kinds of raw material uniformly mixing. It mainly used in ceramic tile production line, scr ceramic honeycomb production line and terracotta facade panel production line for mixing and granulation.

R19 intensive mixer is a tilting intensive mixer consists of: rotor transmission, bevel transmission, rotary cylinder, discharging door and other units. The main working principle: the motor drive worm gear reducer per belt pulley, make the raw material mixing, used with high speed rotor make the raw material mixing and uniform, when finished once mixing, the material discharged form the discharging door in the middle-lower part of cylinder by the hydraulic cylinder transmission.

The high productivity of R19 intensive mixeris depended on below 4 features:
  1. Tilting install the rotary mixing plate
  2. Just one constantly rotated mixing device.
  3. Adjustable multi-function scraper device.
  4. It formed a high velocity contrast reverse motion of mixed material.
Thus give obvious advantage to customer as below:
  1. The best material mixing uniformity.
  2. Mixing time is short
  3. Equipment wear is small
  4. Little maintenance for the equipment unit
  5. Good mixing quality and steady performance
  6. Operation mode could be discontinuity or continuity
R19 intensive mixer main technical parameters:
  • Mixing plate diameter: 1900mm
  • Height: 712mm
  • Drive motor: 75Kw
  • Capacity: 1 T/H
  • Discharging method: Hydraulic discharging
  • Hydraulic pump station motor: Y90L-4 2.2KW
  • Overall size: (L x W x H): 3100 x 2286 x 2730
  • Weight: 14T

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