1100t Ceramic Tile Press

General Details

1100T ceramic tile press machine is one of most widely used machine in brick/tiles making industrial such as ceramic tile, ceramic floor tile, and ceramic wall tile. Vitrified tile, external tile, ground tile, pave tile, floor brick, polish tile and so on, it’s notable by stable and continuous performance, long tested and excellent quality. It’s adopted 3 beams 4 columns bar sleeve structure with pre-tighten and compact structure.

Ejection device is adopted single cylinder 4 ejectors, controlled by hydraulic press system. Well designed an adobe thickness inspect and adjusting device for more convenience and reliable running. Extremely large work platform could produce superior big size tiles or many normal tiles per time. Most key parts like full closed hydraulic system, cooling device, main sealing, hydraulic press component etc. Are adopted world famous brand products to guarantee the high quality and perfect performance.

The movement of the plunger under the servo closed-system control is steady and reliable. The high PLC control system and man-machine operation system enable working parameter and state adjust easily.

1100T ceramic tile machine main technical parameters:

Title Unit Date Date
nominal pressure KN 11000 175000
Working cycles in idle stroke Time/min 24 24
Max.die fitting area mm2 1520×800 1650×900
Max. materil filling depth mm 60 60
Max. Ejector force KN 215 210
Max. stroke of moving beam mm 130 140
Clolumn space mm 1550 1700
Oil pump motor Mpa 75 75
circulatiom pump motor Mpa 5.5 5.5
Hydraulic pressure KW 15 15
Weight T 40.5 55

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