Honeycomb Catalysts Production Line

Basic Technological Process of honeycomb substrate Production

homeycomb substrate production process

Main machinery list
Substrate manufacturing equipments
1 Raw material automatic metering system 1 Set
2 Intensive mixer R19 1 Set
3 Kneader 500L 1 Set
4 De-airing extruder TCJ1260 2 Set One for pugging one for filtering
5 De-airing extruder TCJ300 1 Set
6 Auto cutting machine WDQ-16 1 Set
7 De-airing oil cylinder vertical extruder YW250 1 Set Die commissioning purpose
8 Microwave dryer 1 Line
9 drying furnace with the heat air 1 Set
10 Manual cutting machine 2 Set
11 Auto flue blower 1 Set
12 Light transmittance detector 2 Set
13 Shuttle kiln 1 Set


Remark: Above proposal is only for reference purpose! Every line should be customized according to acutal situtation include  Raw material condition, panel specification,  climate condition etc.

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