SCR Catalysts Production Line

Basic Technological Process of SCR Catalyst Production

Production technology process of catalyst mainly include below parts:

  • Titanium Dioxide and minor ingredient selection (formula R&D)
  • High speed and uniformly mixing material
  • Use pre-extruder fully filters the wet materials
  • Sent the filtered wet material to de-airing extruder for extrude forming
  • Automatic synchronized cutting machine is able to according to different length cutting the products
  • Use manipulator load the products to carton avoid its distortion
  • Steam drying
  • Mesh-belt kiln firing
  • Fixed length cutting
  • Inspection and packing
Main machine list 
Item Model Qty Remark
high-pure water equipment EDI 1M3 1 Lot Pure water system and chemical auto dosing system
Chemical dosing system 1 Lot
Intensive mixer WDHL220 3 Sets Mixing system
Cooling fan T35-11No.4A 3 Sets
Smoke exhaust fan GD30K2-12No.5C 3 Sets
Control system 1 Lot
Box feeder TCIW-2T 1 Set Shaping system
Pre-filter TCJ-250 1 Set
Pre-extruder TCJ-250 1 Set
Pre cutting machine WDQ-6 1 Set
De-airing extruder TCJ-300 1 Set
Auto rotation type cutting machine WDQ-10C 1 Set
Manipulator WDPY-150S 1 Set
Belt conveyor 3 Sets
Water cooling machine 240PT 2 Sets
Vacuum pump 2X-30 1 Set
Die 150×150 10 Sets
Die clean machine 1 Lot
Packing box 8000 Pcs Drying firing system
Section I drying room 14 Sets
Section I drying chamber drying car 200 Sets
Section II drying chamber 8 Sets
Section II drying chamber drying rack 8000 Pcs
Section II drying chamber drying car 10 Sets
Mesh kiln 2 Lines
Vertical sawing machine T-360 1 Lot Finished product cutting
Catalyst design software 1 Lot

Remark: Above proposal is only for reference purpose! Every line should be customized according to acutal situtation include  Raw material condition, panel specification,  climate condition etc.

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