Clay Brick Tunnel Kiln

General Details

Compare to Hoffman kiln and down draft kiln, conventional clay brick tunnel kiln features as below:.

1. Production continuous, firing period is short, production capacity is high, fired product such as vase, and tableware has good standardization

2. Use counterflow principle, thus fuel utilization rate high, because of thermal maintenance and residual thermal recycling is good, it can save fuel largely, compare to down draft kiln, it can save energy around 60~60%.

3. Firing period is shorter, compare to conventional kiln which need 3~5 days form loading to exit kiln, tunnel kiln only need around 20 hours.

4.Labor saving: firing operation is very simple, as brick loading before firing and brick unloading after firing is all done outside the kiln, it improve operator working condition and reduce labor intensity.

5. Improve product quality. The temperature range of pre-hating area, firing area and cooling is kept within a certain range, it is easy to master product firing curve, hence product firing quality is good, and damage percent is lower.

6. Clay brick tunnel kiln and kiln ware is durable. Because of kiln inside is not affected by fast heating and fast cooling, they have longer performance life, usually IT only need one times maintenance after 5~7 years continuous working.

Simple introduction of weida clay brick tunnel kiln

Weida Company established on 1998, its predecessor is Wulin group (The largest ceramic production equipments manufacturer in China since 1955~1997) has more than 60 years on kiln design and construction. Our kiln energy computation meet summer 220×103kcal/T, winter: 310×103kcal/T, it can save 1200T coal per year when yearly capacity is 100,000,000pcs. The tunnel kiln is characterized by high capacity, stable firing product quality, low energy consumption, high automatic degree, it is ideal firing kiln for ceramic factory.

Weida fully automatic clay brick production line adopt DCS contorl system



  • The kiln adopt mould-assemble design, ensure manufacturing accuracy while short installation period. The kiln use top grade heat-isolation material, adopt mullite light weight brick as lining. Heat isolation material use top grade heat-isolation panel and light weigh brick, reduce thermal storage and heat emission largely, hence improve firing production quality and save energy.
  • Adopt fuel naked firing system, maximum reduce heat loss of kiln body and other heat isolation material.
  • Indented installed pairs of speedy burner on the firing area, improve heat transmission, balance kiln temperature and adjust firing curve.
  • Indented installed lots of air mixing opening on the pre-heating area, it is convention for control firing curve on the pre-heating area and reduce up and down kiln temperature difference.
  • Continuous kiln car enter system, installed semi-closed kiln door and air curtain damper, it can stop cooling air enter effectively, ensure kiln hear heating curve is steady and save energy.
  • On the front of pre-heating area, lots of opening grouping smoke venting, fully use smoke thermal and ensure heating curve is steady.
  •  Adopt direct cooling system in cooling area, Horizontally Indented installed air cooling nozzle on the clay brick tunnel kiln wall, speedy cooling air uniform cooling product then draft from kiln roofing, hence main air flow in cooling area is circulating air, vertical air is fewer to ensure production temperature decreasing uniformly.
  •  Installed combustion air heating system, warm the combustion air to 200 degree, make fuel burning fully, according actual test, it can save fuel around 15%.
  • According related research and actual text, the thermal consumption used for drying is account 30% of total energy consumption. Weida clay brick tunnel kiln can recycle the residual thermal and smoke for first time drying and the second time drying, basically no need other thermal supply system which can save energy largely.
  • The clay brick tunnel kiln is suitable for firing variety of product by adjust firing curve.

Notice: Clay brick tunnel kiln design is based on raw material condtion, clay brick specification and weight, capacity etc. Welcome contact us for more information.

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