Double Shaft Granulator

General Details

Double shaft granulator also called high strength double shaft mixer which is based on the improvement of two shaft mixer, beside install stirring teeth, it equipped with screw extruding and clay-cutting device. Per stirring month and screw blade rotation and extrude, the material knead to fragment, then mixing with required water and extruding uniformly, at last cut by the clay-cutting device, thus improved the clay plasticity and homogenous, besides the firstly extruding improved the clay forming performance and anti-pressure strength.

The machine widely used in split tile production line, terracotta tile production line and clay roofing tile production line, it have the function of disc screen feeder.

Main technical parameters:

  • Discharge capacity: 350L
  • Charge capacity: 560L
  • Mixing time: 35-45S
  • Capacity: around 21M3/h
  • Maximum clay granulation size: 60/80mm
  • Motor power:22kw
  • Overall size(LXWXH): 4448X2797X4606
  • Weight: 3780kg

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