Double Shaft Mixer

General Details

Double shaft mixer is a corollary equipment of tile extruder. The two stirring shaft and stirring teeth move relatively which make the raw material to be crushed, kneaded, mixed, homogenized and add required water. Thus the physical character of raw material could meet the tile extruding requirement, it is play an important role in controlling the green tile quality. The machine equipped with clutch for easy operation. It is a important clay brick making machine and clay roofing tile machine.

Main technical parameters:

Model Capacity Motor type Rotation speed of main shaft V-belt Overall size POWER(kw)
(m3 /h) (r/min) (L×W×H)
SJ28×36B 30-40 Y40-4 52 6-D4500 4700×1400×900 30kw
SJ260×32 25-30 Y200L2-4 56 6-C3550 4100×1200×800 22
SJ240×28 20-25 Y180L-4 60 6-C3550 4100×1200×800 22kw
SJ240×24 15-20 Y180L-4 60 6-C3550 4100×1200×800 22kw
SJ220×24 15-20 Y180M-4 64 6-B3658 3800×1200×750 18.5kw
SJ200×20 13-15 Y160-4 70 5-B3062 3500×1250×700 15kw
Remark Above parameters is variable depend on different raw materials

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