Box Feeder

General Details

Box feeder is necessary equipment in clay roofing tile production line , ceramic tile production line and other and other heavey ceramic(clay) industry . It can continue rough crush material and giving material uniformly while realized the quantity and weight define feeding, the equipments featured firm structure, easy installation and use safety. It is the necessary equipments for ceramic factory to feeding and process material uniformly.

TCIW15 Box feeder Main technical parameters:

  • Box volume:15m3
  • Feeder time: 20~40min/time
  • Rotation speed of main shaft: 2RPM
  • Rotation speed of Stirring shaft (Down): 83RPM
  • Motor power: 7.7Kw
  • Overall size(L×W×H): 7000X2100X2740mm
  • Net Weight: 5000Kg


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