Auto Tile Cutting Machine

General Details

WDQ-2 automatic dynamic clay roofing tile cutting machine is corollary equipment of clay roofing tile extruder. The machine is designed based on various kinds of machines both home and abroad, the features as below:

  1. The clay roofing tile cutting size is steady and adjustable, cutting size difference not more than 2mm.
  2. The machine performance is steady and durable; adopt Mitsubishi PLC for electrical design.
  3. Tile conveyor motor has continuously variable transmission, the conveying speed can be stepless adjustable.

Working principle:

The extruded clay tile come onto the cutting part, and move together with cutting part when it touch with baffleplate, when the stroke meet required length, the proximity switch detect the signal, the signal will be passed to PLC, then the PLC control the cutting air cylinder to finish the cutting, and then the baffleplate is put up, motor is start up to convey the tile out, after this, the baffplate will put down and the whole tile cutting course has been finished.

 Main technical parameter

  • Capacity:15time/min
  • Motor power:0.37KW
  • Overall size:2100×1045×1400mm(tunable per different specification product)
  • Net weight:250Kg

Working condition and parameter

Electric source: this control system adopts four wire three phase electric power source. Frequency is 50HZ and phase voltage is 220V.

  • Total installed capacity:about0.85KVA
  • Temperature of using environment:0~55°C
  • Humidity level of using environment:10~90%(no grumous dew)
  • Air condition of using environment:no corrosive air and conducting dust.

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