De-Airing Pug Mill

General Details

WDL series vacuum pug mills have collected the advantage of the pug mill both at home and abroad. De-airing Pug mill is used to process ceramic clay and other viscous clay, it removes the air from clay, improve the clay plasticity and intensity, thus improving clay forming performance and the ceramic clay product  final quality(For forming machine, please check de-airing extruder). The most widely use de-airing pug mills as below (for special ceramic like ceramic honeycomb, use ceramic honeycomb pug mill not these models):

WDL250 de-airing pug mill

WDL250 vacuum pug mill usually used with filter press for process clay cakes, but also can use with double shaft mixer for clay roofing tile forming. The main technical parameters as below:

  • Capacity:5000kg/h
  • Rotation speed of stirring shaft(up):25rpm
  • Rotation speed of stirring shaft(down):32rpm
  • Diameter of extruding screw:250mm
  • Motor model and power:Y225M-6-13 30kw
  • Over all size:3584x865x1230mm
  • Net weight:2550kg
WDL 1317 de-airing pug mill

WDL 1317 vacuum pug mill usually used with filter press for process clay cakes and make daily ceramics or small ceramics balls. The main technical parameters as below:

  • Capacity:700-900kg/h
  • Rotation speed of stirring shaft(up):18rpm
  • Rotation speed of stirring shaft(down):20rpm
  • Diameter of extruding screw:170mm
  • Motor power:7.5kw
  • Over all size:3050x1016x673mm
  • Net weight:900kg
WDL50 de-airing pug mill

WDL50 vacuum pug mill is professional equipment for laboratories, and also can be used for small size ceramic product making. The main technical parameters as below:

  • Capacity:30kg/h
  • Electrical source:380v
  • Motor power:1.5kw
  • Vacuum degree:<735Pa

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