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The most widely use filter press in ceramic plant is WD75K hydraulic filter press with automatically pull plate function. Filter press usually used with ball mill and pug mill, it is to dewater of the clay slurry to get clay cake with moisture 18~26%. It is a very important clay roof tile machine before. According customer material condition, filter press can used in clay roof tile production line, split tile production line, ceramic plate production line, terracotta facade production line, ceramic roller production line, aluminum ball production line.

Main technical parameters:
Data Date
Capacity 1.2-1.5T/H
Filter plate diameter Φ800-2000mm
Clay water content after de-water 18-26%
Piston force 1.33mm
Piston stroke MAX.630mm
Motor power 3KW
Rated pressure for feeding slime(low pressure) 0.4MPa
Rated pressure for feeding slime(high pressure) 2.5MPa
Pistion speed(forward) 6.4mm/s
Pistion speed(back) 26.3mm/s
Hydraulic system working pressure  25-28Mpa
Max. working pressure 32Mpa
Flow rate 267cm3/s

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