Impact Crusher

General Details

Impact crusher can process the material which granularity not more than 500mm, compressive strength not more than 360Mpa, it mainly used to crush shale and other hard clay or brick clinker in brick industry to meet brick extruder forming requirment. It is a important clay brick making machine.

Performance features:

High crushing ratio and efficiency, easy to maintenance, High-chromium blow bar, wear-resisting lining plate; unique gear type counterattack lining plate; Special used for crushing hard rocks, it is high efficiency and energy saving. Finished products appear cubic shape, discharging granularity could be adjustable, simplify the crushing process.

Working principle:

Rotor high speed ration as the drive of motor, when material enter to blow bar active region, it impact to the blow bar of rotor and be crushed, then it be throw into counterattack plate for double crushing, and then the material from counterattack liner bounce to blow bar active region for crushing again, this process will be repeated, the raw material size from big to small enter to first, second, third, counterattack cavity for repeated crushing until all material is being crushed to required granularity, then discharge from discharging door.

The crusher could handle the material which particle size not more than 500mm, compressive strength not more than 360Mpa. it used for crushing shale and other hard clay, clinker in tile and brick industry, also used for processing of break stone in building works.

Main technical parameters:

Model Specification hopper size(mm) Max feed size  (mm) Capacityt/h Motor powerKW WeightKG
PF-0608 Φ644X740 320×770 100 10-20 30 4000
PF-0807 Φ850X700 400×730 300 15-30 30-45 8130
PF-H-1007I Φ1000X700 400×730 300 30-50 37-55 9500
PF-A-1010I Φ1000X1050 400×1080 350 50-80 55-75 12127
PF-B-1210I Φ1250X1050 400×1080 350 70-120 110-132 14000
PF-B-1214I Φ1250X1400 400×1430 350 130-180 132-160 18579
PF-1013 Φ1000X1300 650×1350 400 80-120 90-110 12000
PF-1015 Φ1320X1500 860×1520 500 160-250 180-260 19000
PF-1320 Φ1320X2000 860×2030 500 300-350 300-375 24000

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