Vertical Type Intensive Mixer

General Details

WDHL-220 vertical type intensive mixer is special used in raw material mixing such as refractory material, SCR catalyst material etc. The cylinder of intensive mixer does clockwise rotation while high speed shaft does counterclockwise rotation, the claw are able to both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation to shovel the raw material up, and the raw material crushed and mixed by high speed rotation shaft. There have scrapers on the inner cylinder to make the surrounding material enter the center of intensive mixer for crushing. Thus the intensive mixer has the features of efficiency, free of dead corner, and even mixing.

The WDHL-220 vertical type intensive mixer adopts PLC automatic control, the running is stable and easy to operation, it is ideal mixing equipment.

▲vertical intensive mixer main technical parameters:

●  Effective volume: 1500L

●  Main shaft rotation speed: 750RPM(adjustable)

●  Rotary speed of cylinder: 13RPM

●  Rotary speed of claw: 36RPM

●  High speed shaft motor power: 90KW

●  Claw motor power: 15*2Kw

●  Cylinder motor power: 15Kw

●  Claw motor power: 15Kw

●  Motor power of hydraulic station: 15Kw

●  Overall size: 3700×2500×2640mm

●  Weight: around 13000kg

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