Synchronized Cutting Machine

General Details

Automatic split extruded tile cutting machine is synchronized cutting machine for split tile,it is designed based on home and abroad, different type of cutter is our own intellectual property. It is the best cutter in our country. We have patent and protecting of intellectual property.

Main feature is:

(1).Special shape, it is made of newest material, it adopts newest, technical and equipment, and all the electrical elements are the most advanced technical elements.

(2).It works without noise because of cam, running part is works smoothly, because of linear rolling guider, lead rail self oiling joint bearing and automatic self aligning bearing.

(3).It works automatically from feeding with pug strip to table delivery.

(4).It can perform cutting and chamfering only in one step with high and stability quality.

(5).Cuprum cutting is coinstantaneous with table cutting, no waste trimming, low cost of power and mould.

 Technical parameters:

  • Capacity: 40-60times/min
  • Cutting length: 100-500(max)(can be adjusted arbitrarily)
  • Cutting width: 15-450(can be adjusted arbitrarily)
  • Main motor type:  HC-SFS502
  • Power : 5kw
  • Rotate speed:2000r/min
  • Torque :  23.9(N.M)
  • Overall size : 1955×902×1595mm(L×W×H)
  • Net weight:  0.8T
Working principle

Pug strip which extruded by pug mill, extruder, will be took on the belt bracket (There is no relative motion between pug strip and belt bracket), belt’s motion mirror pug strip’s motion.

Belt bracket has been equipped with sensor, sensor can pick up instantaneous speed signal of pug strip, the signal will be introduced to driving motor after treating in treating control equipment, so driving motor’s rotate speed will be changed with pug strip, speed synchronization has been come true.

Driving motor rotate cam in clockwise through one stage speed reducer, the two cams insure that follower drive knife rest has a left synchronous motion with strip in rising course and back right in back course, cam finish a lap, knife rest finish a trip, which is a cutting period of table.

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