Auto Brick Setting Machine

General Details

Automatic brick setting machine mainly suit for loading green bricks(include clay bricks, flyash brick, coal gauge bricks etc) automatically onto kiln car, it is very important equipment to realized tunnel kiln fully automatic working. Take a production line with capacity 200,000pcs/day, it can save 14~16 workers. Weida company introduced German and Italy technology and combine many years experience in Chinese brick industry, successfully developed a word-leading automatic bricks setting machine.

Weida automatic brick setting machine adopt PLC centralized control, machine moving and rotation adopt inverter control, brick chunk lifting adopt hydraulic control, bricks separation adopt digital control, it also can interlock control with DCS system to realize complete production line fully automatic control.  it is also  easy to operation and maintenance.

Weida brick automatic system consist 6 parts of lengthened automatic stripe cutting machine, automatic green brick cutting machine, automatic transition machine, automatic separation machine and automatic turning machine. Compare with other company like products, our features as below:

  1. Positioning accuracy and small pug head broken, the system adopts slow start and slow stop working method, positioning is accuracy while impact force to pug is little.
  2. Extend pug stripe transportation conveyor length to avoid machine have to stop when stripe extruding too fast.
  3. Enable drying car automatic rotation system to save time and increase the stability of automatic brick setting machine.
  4. Energy saving, hydraulic system take the working method of container storage, single drive to avoid motor repeated start and shut down.

Main technical parameters(ZMP series):

Brick loading qty per time: 200~432pcs

Brick loading cycle: 40s~80s/time

Motor power: 22.5Kw (the energy consumption is around 40~70% of 22.5Kw when normal working)

Supported tunnel kiln: 2.5m~6.9m

Supported bricks: flyash bricks, coal gauge bricks, clay bricks etc

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