Batching System

General Details

Powder screw batching system is used to auto batching material and feeding material into the intensive mixer, the material batching difference is less than 1% thus guarantee the product chemical composition is well meet related requirement. It mainly used in ceramic honeycomb production line. Powder screw batching consist of as below:

  • Screw feeding(5 Lot)
  • Batching box(1 Lot, capacity 1.5T)
  • Balance(1 Lot)
  • Pneumatic discharge valve(1 Lot)
  • Batching difference less than 1%
  • Unit motor power:2.2KW

Fluid mix batching system include below parts:

  • Flow rate controller 4 lot
  • Screw mixer 1 lot
  • Stainless steel barrel 1 lot(capacity 1 T)
  • Water pump 1 lot

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