Raw Material Dryer

General Details

When using Raymond mill and other dry powder crushing technology in crush the raw materials in ceramic tile production line and clay roofing tile production line,terracotta facade production line, there have a strict requirement to the water content of raw material, usually the water content is required to less than 8%.

For solving the problem of unable to get powders by dry method when the raw material water content is high, Weida Electrical and machinery Co., LTD exclusively lunched the raw material dryer. The working principle is: uniformly feed the raw material which have been mid and fine crushed to the dryer, raw material in the dyer will be heating under the hot air form residual heat fan or combustion engine, water will be evaporated continuously thus dried the raw materials. The drying capacity is depeond on its length and layers.It is a important clay roofing tile machine and ceramic tile machine.

Main technical parameters(based on 3 layers,8.6M):
  • Layers: 3 layers
  • Length: 8.6M
  • Standard units: 4 units
  • Channel width: 2500mm
  • Effective width: 2200mm
  • Transmission method: Chain drive
  • Transmission motor: 3 Sets
  • Motor power: 0.75X3
  • Drying temperature: 100~250 degree (per customer production technology)
  • Drying period: 60~120min (per customer production technology)
  • Temperature check points: 12 points
  • Max. using temperature:250 degree
  • Roller material: steel roller
  • Thermal resource: Hot stove fan +firing kiln residual thermal
  • Moisture enter kiln: >16
  • Moisture exit kiln: <8%
  • Capacity: 45T/day

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