Shuttle Kiln

General Details

Shuttle kiln is a very convenient firing furnace for ceramic roller,ceramic ring,ceramic insulator and other speical ceramics.It also used for firing samll quantity clay roof tile and ceramic tiles.It is a important ceramic tile making machine and clay tile making machine.

Shuttle kiln main technical parameter:
  • VOL: 20-60M3
  • Module: 3-5piece
  • Firing cycle: 24-32HR
  • Fuel consumption:  ≤2500±10% kcal/kg
  • Quantity of heat generated: 22,000/8,500 kcal/mm3
  • Working temperature: 1500oC
  • Max temperature: 1550oC
  • Burner: 10-16sets
  • Qualified rate:  ≥97%
  • Deviation in section temperature:  ≤±8oC
  • Temperature of the kiln’s surface: ≤65oC

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