Terracotta Facade Cutting Machine

General Details

Terracotta facade pcutting machine is used for continuous cutting the terracotta facade when it’s been extruded, the terracotta facade panel cutting machine used advanced simultaneous measurement, date feedback and auto control system, the cutting accuracy is high, cutting section is smooth, it is the necessary equipment for terracotta facade production.

Main features of WEIDA terracotta facade cutting machine:

  1. The cutting size is steady and adjustable, enable cutting the size according to customer’s requirement.
  2. Production is steady and reliable, the machine adopts advanced Japan MELSEC PLC for circuit design, and failure rate is low.
  3. Fast conveyor motor used frequency conversion for regulating speed; the transportation speed could be controlled by stepless speed regulation.

Main technical paramters:

  • Capacity: 8-12time/min(little variable according to different product)
  • Max. cutting size: L1600 X W700 X H60
  • Cutting accuracy: ±1mm
  • Motor power: 1.2KW
  • Overall size: L2485XW1002XH1302(little variable according to customer requirement)
  • Weight: about 300kg

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