Technology Discussion

November 21, 2011


Ceramic honeycomb production line denitration introduction

Oxynitride is one of main atmospheric pollutant, the source mainly from power plant, traffic sector and industrial sector, according to the statistic, the oxynitirde emission from power plant account of 40% of total country emission.It bring a series of problem such as increasing serious of haze weather, acid rain and so on. It’s very urgent for power plant waste gas denitration at present,

The denitration technology mainly includes selective catalytic production (SCR), selective non catalytic reduction (SNCR) and SCR combine SNCR (SCR-SNCR). SCR characterized by high denitration efficiency, sophisticated technology and the most widely application area, it is the mainstay denitration technology now in the world. The core technology of SCR is catalyst carrier production, due to China oxynitride emission control is still at an early stage, the core equipment of catalyst carrier making is long term depend on import from developed countries. For breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, after one years of trial and modification, Xiangtan Weida Electrical and Machinery Manufacturer Co.,LTD have developed complete ceramic honeycomb catalyst carrier equipments based on the core equipment of large pressure 4 shaft ceramic honeycomb extruder on 2009, per filed operation in Shandong, Jiangsu ,Beijing, it have performance achieved aboard advanced equipments level. Now, almost all of Chinese ceramic honeycomb manufacturer use our machines.

 Technology process as below:

According formula batching Ti02 and other additives, then add water into R19 intensive mixer for stirring, after the primary stirring and mixing, use special pre-extruder for filter and extruding, Then put the extruded blank to TCJ310 powerful ceramic honeycomb vacuum extruder for continuous forming to the long green body, and the green body is cut by automatic cutting machine, then carried to dry car by manipulator, through Multi-channel high temperature dryer drying, it is sintered in mesh band low temperature electrical kiln. The process as below:

Batching→R19 intensive mixer high speed mixing→pre-extruding→forming→auto cutting→mechanical manipulator loading→mesh band tunnel kiln sintering

ceramic-honeycomb-production-line-scaled SCR ceramic honeycomb laboratorial main equipment list:
1 Honeycomb extruder TCN1312 1 Set
2 Vacuum pump X-25 1 Set
3 Auto cutting machine WSQ-8 1 Set
4 Water temperature controller SK-60PT 1 Set
5 Die 1 Set
6 Kneader WDTN-100L 1 Set
7 Forced draught drying oven 0-300 1 Set
8 Box resistance heat furnace 0-1000 1 Set
9 Pot mill 4 Station 1 Set
10 Main electrical cabinet Assembly 1 Set


Machine list of annual output 3000m3 ceramic honeycomb catalyst production line
1 Stock bin 12 Bins
2 Auto batching and weighting system 1 set
3 Intensive mixer R19 1 set
4 Auto feeder TCIWD-2T 3 sets
5 Pre-filter extruder TCN 250 1 set
6 Auto cutting machine(Pre-filter stage) WDQ-6 1 set
7 Material-load belt WDPD 3 sets
8 Ceramic honeycomb extruder TCJ310 1 set
9 Auto cutting machine WDQ-7 1 set
10 Auto lift and transportation system WDPY-1 1 set
11 Auto load to drying car system 1 set
12 Water temperature controller 120PT 2 sets
13 Vacuum pump 2X-30 1 set
14 Temperature/pressure sensor 1 set
15 Die 157X157mm 1 set
16 Die washer 1 set
17 Dry cutter 3 sets
18 Drying car 80 sets
19 Vapor heat drying chamber HGZY/GZS-01 1 set
20 Firing kiln 1 set