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Automatic control system for clay brick plant(DCS)

Automatic Brick making control system and automatic brick tunnel kiln firing system is researched and developed by Weida electrial and machinery manufacture Co.,LTD according to introduce Italy technology and combine domestic brick making production technology. It have been approved in hundreds brick factory in China, as its excellent energy saving performance, high capacity and high […]

Clay brick

Talking about glazed clay roofing tile production technology form North Korean tile production line

1 Preface WEIDA cooperate a Shandong kiln company supplied a complete clay roofing tile production line for North Korean in 2007,this article mainly introduce and discuss its clay roofing tile machines, kiln, related production technology and tile formula. 2 Production technological process and main production equipments 2.1Production technological process: Mainly process as below: Raw material—-15m3 […]

Clay Roofing Tile

Typical glazed clay roofing tile production technological parameters

The production technological parameters is depend on the raw material,fuel,capacity condition etc. Here list a typical glazed clay roofing tile production technological parameters from a clay roofing tile plant in Shangdong,China. I Raw material preparation: 1. Jaw crusher: feed granularity <150mm, give granularity <20mm. 2. Roller crusher: The first time crushing clearance 1.8-2mm                              The […]

Clay Roofing Tile

How to distinguish between soft plastic, semi-hard plastic and hard plasticity de-airing extruder

How to distinguish between soft plastic, semi-hard plastic and hard plasticity de-airing extruder According the extruding pressure, classify de-airing extruder as below on international basis: (1) Soft plasticity de-airing extruder: actual extruding pressure is 0.4~1.8MPa (2) Semi-hard plasticity de-airing extruder: actual extruding pressure 1.8~2.5MPa (3) Hard plasticity de-airing extruder: actual extruding pressure exceeds 2.5MPa, Max.pressure […]

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Hoffman kiln construction instruction

We have constructed a Hoffman kiln in Uganda this year, and now share the construction experience here. The brick production line capacity is 25,000,000pcs/year. I. Foundation: construction must start from the deepest part and from bottom to top part. The earliest construction part is main flue. Foundation should constructed on the original ground (soil), it […]

Clay brick

Clay roof tile production costing

High class clay roof tile production costing (based on RMB, and all clay roof tile machine are support by Weida machinery) 1. Raw material cost: RMB 0.17+0.42=0.41 yuan/pcs Clay cost: Single S shapeclay roof tile weight is 3.2kg, clay consumption is around 4.2kg, clay price is around RMB 40yuan/Ton, clay cost is 4.2*0.04=0.17yuan/pcs. Glaze cost: […]

Clay Roofing Tile

German handle de-airing extruder price

This de-airing German handle extruder is used for terracotta facade panel production line; the price is finally contract price which is nearly 4 times higher than our terracotta facade panel extruder. Description Quantity Unit Price EUR Total 1.0 Double Shaft Mixer MDVG 715d 1     2.0 Extruder FuturaII E56a/45 1     3.0 Base […]

Terracotta facade panel


Ceramic honeycomb production line denitration introduction Oxynitride is one of main atmospheric pollutant, the source mainly from power plant, traffic sector and industrial sector, according to the statistic, the oxynitirde emission from power plant account of 40% of total country emission.It bring a series of problem such as increasing serious of haze weather, acid rain […]

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