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November 28, 2011

Clay roof tile production costing

High class clay roof tile production costing (based on RMB, and all clay roof tile machine are support by Weida machinery)

1. Raw material cost: RMB 0.17+0.42=0.41 yuan/pcs

Clay cost: Single S shapeclay roof tile weight is 3.2kg, clay consumption is around 4.2kg, clay price is around RMB 40yuan/Ton, clay cost is 4.2*0.04=0.17yuan/pcs. Glaze cost: bright glaze is 5000~8000yuan/Ton, matte glaze is 1500~4000yuan/T, supposed average price is 4000yuan/T, every tile cost glaze is around 60g, 0.06*4=0.24yuan/pcs.

2. Labor cost: 0.08yuan/pcs

Take clay roof tile plant with capacity of 25,000pcs/day as example, need 30 labors, average salary 2000yuan/month,  2000*30/(25000*30)=0.08 yuan/pcs

3. Fuel cost: 0.4 yuan/pcs

Single piece clay roof tile energy consumption is 1800 kilocalorie, nature gas thermal value is around 8500 kilocalorie/m3, prices accounting based on 2.0yuan/m3, clay roof tile energy consumption calculate as below: 1800/8500X2.0=0.4yuan/m2.

4. Water consumption:0.003yuan/pcs

Daily output 25,000pcs clay roof tile need clay around 100 tons, according to 20% proportion to add water is 20 tons, considering to other water consumption, the total water consumption for a clay roof tile plant will not exceed 50 tons/month, water price based on 1.5yuan/ton, the cost is 1500*1.5/(30*25000)=0.003yuan/pcs.

5. Electricity consumption: 0.204yuan/pcs

Take clay roof tile production line with capacity of 25,000pcs/day as example, installed capacity is 672kw (include spare clay roof tile machines), usual working clay roof tile machines power consumption is 10817Kwh, calculating based on correction factor 0.8, daily actual electricity consumption is 10729X0.8=8653Kwh, electricity price based on 0.6yuan/degree, single pieces clay roof tile cost is 0.34*0.6=0.204yuan/pcs.

6.Mainteance:0.07 yuan/pcs

According to related more 30 clay roof tile plants’ experience, average monthly maintenance cost is RMB 50,000yuan, 5/2.5*30=0.07/m2

Above directly production cost (not include depreciation, tax. Management cost ) of single pieces clay roof tile is 0.41+0.08+0.4+0.003+0.204+0.07=1.167yuan.

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