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August 23, 2010

Ceramic tile production line

Dry-body preparation is a sustainable technology for ceramic tile powder preparation. WEIDA Dry-body preparation technology featured advanced production technology, economical investment, energy saving and environment friendly, its main technical index meet and partial exceed world level, it is a significant technological breakthrough and revolution on ceramic wall and floor tile industry, it will be a important measure for ceramic tile manufacture reduce investment, save energy, lower product cost, improve product quality and arise its competitiveness.

Compare with conventional ball mill, sprayer making powder production technology, WEIDA Dry-body technology featured as below:

1.   Economical investment, energy saving: WEIDA Dry-body preparation technology and equipments equipped with the same scale production line, compare with sprayer wet production technology, it can one-off save investment 40%. Compare with the high energy consumption of ball mill and sprayer account 30% of total in ceramic industry, adopt WEIDA Dry-body preparation can save fuel 70%~80%, save electricity 40%~60%, save water 75~85%.


2. Good pressing performance: the material processed by WEIDA Dry-body preparation technology have good pressing performance, the granule is centralize in  the place of big granule 0.5~1.0mm, it have good flow performance which is easily to full fill in the mould. Besides, the granule structure is solid, volume is around 1.1~1.2g/cm3, is little heavy than 1.0 g/cm3 of sprayer wet forming hollow granule, such can reduce the air in the mould and avoid interlayer happens. As the micro granule has good spreading performance, it also can raise the tile strength, improve tile performance and enhance color brilliance.

3. Environment friendly:Compare with ball mill, sprayer production technology, WEIDA Dry-body technology no need got thermal from fuel, thus reduce the emission of waste gas (SO2,CO,CO2,NOX etc), waste water(contain Lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals ), dust, sio2, noise and thermal.

III. Brief introduction of full auto WEIDA Dry-body preparation

WEIDA in Dry-body preparation include rough crush system, fine grind system, drying system (option for material moisture over than 8%) batching system, make moisture granulation system.


Raw material process system

All equipments is controlled by centralized control station, have manual and auto control system, it just need 1 people to realize full automatic production.

In fine grind system, R type Raymond grinder is the core equipment, granule size can be adjustable from 80 mesh to 325 mesh, R type Raymond grinder is spatial structure, cover small area. It form a production system from raw material to granule independently. Finally granule fineness is uniformly, 80% to pass mesh, this is other grinder machines can’t meet.

raymond-grinderBatching system

Adopt integrated auto system include material weighting, feeding, formula control, discharge, use Mitsubishi Q series PLC and YANHUA MICRO control system make control platform.

batching-system photoAuto batching and weighting system

 Granulator system

intensive-mixer inside when workingUse WDR19 intensive granulator, make qualified granule by adjust rotor speed, granulation moisture and granulation time.

High productivity and high qualified rate is depending on below 4 pinots:

l       Tilting installed rotation-type mixing plate

l       The only one unconscious rotation mixing device

l       Adjustable multi-function scraper device

l       Forming a very high reverse flow when machine running

intensive working descriptionThe advantage of WEIDA Dry-body production technology

Granule size can be adjustable per regulating rotation speed, granulation moisture and granulation time, thus got high density, best quality, and perfect granule size to make the best quality ceramic tile.

Granule size changeable per granulation time

ceramic-powder by dry body system making

◆   Good flow performance improve the ceramic tile size stability

◆   Special ceramic tile size or complicate surface structure also have good size stability

ceramic-tile manufactured by drybody system

Ceramic Tile

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