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November 21, 2011

Clay brick production line

Weida fired clay brick (red brick, hollow brick, facing brick) production line adopt the most advanced auto production equipment and technology of world, compared with conventional red clay brick  production line, it is characterize as below:

  1. Clay brick production process realized full automatic, material batching ration, mixing water ration, kiln car enter and firing is all controlled by computer, totally solved the problems of high labor burden, tough working environment, and greatly improved the productivity.
  2. Use rigid plastic extruder forming, wet tile strength is high, the extruded tile could setting to kiln directly, drying and setting were done at once in tunnel kiln.
  3. Use residual heat of tunnel kiln for drying enable production all day without the weather effect totally.
  4. Automatic computer brick firing system, make sure the firing is according designed firing curve and temperature.

Clay brick production technological process as below:

Raw material crushing    – Add internally fired coal  –  powerful mixing   –   Vacuum extruder –   automatic cutting  –   automatic setting –   tunnel kiln sintering  –   Automatic brick-unloading

clay-brick-production-process Main equipments for complete clay brick production line of annual output 60 million pieces bricks

S/N               Model                                     Qty

01                Box feeder WD15                           1 Set

02                Internally fired coal-batching machine WDP1     1 Set

03                Roller crusher DGPX60                      1 Set

04                Roller screen                               1 Set

05                Reversible separator                         1 Set

06                Hydraulic multi-bucket excavator               1 Set

07                High fine roller crusher G80X60                1 Set

08                Powerful mixer                             1 Set

09                Combined vacuum extruder JZKY50/50D-35      1 Set

10                Automatic strip cutter                         1 Set

11                Automatic blank cutting system ZQT21           1 Set

12                Electric shuttle bus 10T                        2 Sets

13                Steel wire enter machine 115M                  2 Sets

14                Auto hydraulic setting system ZMPB 1.7X14X8    1 Set

15                Belt conveyor JS60                               300M

16                Tunnel Kiln  120 Meters                      1 Se

Clay brick

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