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September 11, 2010

Split tile production line

Split tile is a kind of high class wall and floor extruded tile featured very high artistic quality, it take plastic clay as main raw material, adopt wet-method vacuum extrude forming, per drying and sintered in high temperature, widely used in school, hospital, traffic station and other public building, villa for wall and floor decoration.

For meeting the market requirment, WEIDA ceramic machinery designed the first split tile production line and the first wooden texture brick production line in 1998, Guangdong,China. After many years hard working and experinece, we deisgned the firstly full auto split tile production line in Fujian province by adpoting 5-layer roller dryer and roller kiln, and with our powerful split tile extruder,it can extruding 16pcs/time.  With a 200m roller kiln, the extruded tile capacity meet 5000m2/day.

Raw material preparation consists of three technological solutions: the first one is roller crusher dry-method crushing then mixing, the second one is ball mill fine grinding then filter and dewatering, the last one is Raymond mill grinding then add water mixing.

Split tile forming use vacuum extruder extrudes forming, after that adopts automatic cutter cutting.

Split tile drying include 2 solutions: one is loading the wet tiles to drying cars then push the cars into tunnel dryer for drying, the other is adopting roller dryer for full automaitc prodcution(the first one in Fujian done by us is the most advanced in China), at present the widely used one is tunnel dryer.

Split tile sintering equipment mainly consists of tunnel kiln, pushed kiln and roller kiln. The highest capacity and most widely used one is tunnel kiln. Pushed kiln have the defect of large color difference, but a few of small factory still used it because of its low investment.

Split tile mainly production technological process as below:

Raw material preparation    Tile Extruder forming    Automatic cutting    tile drying    high temperature sintering    splitter(no need this machine when using roller dryer and roller kiln) and packing

Wooden texture type extruded brick

Wooden texture type exturded tile have wood texture; it widely used for KFC, McDonald and other snap bar for paving because of its vivid imitative effect of wood. Wooden grain brick production principle: Put two kinds of different colors’ material into vacuum chamber per two different outlets respectively, the two kinds clay have been extruded to clay-outlet cycle by cycle under the effect of main screws, and formed a color tap which it similar to the tree annual ring, then through splitter cutting to the bricks with the effect wooden grain.

Main forming equipment for wooden grain brick as below:

(1)    Model 280 Main machine          1Set

(2)    Model 120 auxiliary machine       1Set

(3)    Vertical cutter                    1Set

(4)    Wooden grain extruding mould      1Set

wooden type brick

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