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January 13, 2011

Terracotta facade complete production line

Terracotta facade is new environment-friendly and energy conservation curtain walls, it use nature terracotta as main material, per wet method extruding, cutting and drying, at last formed after sintering around 1200°C , Terracotta facade panel is characterized by bellows:

1 heat insulation and energy conservation: terracotta facade as a hollow ceramic board, have good heat and noise insulation performance.

2 safe and reliable: terracotta facade panel has good thermal stability, firmly installation, not easy to crack and take off, high strength, good wind pressure resistant and shake resistant performance, operation is safe.

3. Light reflection of terracotta facade is very worse make no light pollution happens.

4 Terracotta facade panel color, luster, design and surface texture are abundant and could be well controlled manually, which could fully meet the designer intention and market requirement.

5 Installation is simple and save time and money, unit replacement is convenient.

For meeting market requirement and break abroad technology monopoly, Xiangtan Weida through tireless efforts successfully developed complete home made with independent intellectual property rights terracotta facade production line include all terracotta facade machine, we are the only company master this technology in China: the technology features and advantage as below:

1 Forming adopts 4- shaft vacuum extruder double shaft extruding to clear helical stress; wide extruding jet enable extrudes 600~800mm width large specification product, initial create inner and outer double water cooling device to control the clay material temperature.

2. Successful developed the formula which suite for roller kiln fast drying and sintering, thus the terracotta façade panel drying and sintering time short to 3-5 hours.

3 Complete terracotta façade panel production line realized full automatic, few manual and high efficiency solved the problem that the wet rough brick is easy to deformation when load manually.

4 self-own developed super thin nanometer surfaces, it largely improved the self-clean ability of product, relief after days clan work affords.

Terracotta facade technology charts as below:

Raw material-Lemon grinder-material bin –auto electronic Proportion –dry powder mixer- aging room- powerful mixer – vacuum extruder- auto cutter- multi roller drying – reinforce drying – pre roller kiln sintering-edging

terracotta-facade-panel-prodcution-line1-scaledDaily output 2500 M2terracotta facade production line solution (Reference)


Name and model



Chain board feeder TCIW-20

1 Set


Jaw crusher PE400

1 Set


Lemon grinder 5R3216

1 Set


Material Bin 40M3

10 Set


Electronic Proportion system

1 Set


Dry powder mixer

2 Set


Powerful mixer SJ260X32Q1

1 Set


Chain type aging chamber

8 Set


Double shaft mixer SJ260X323

3 Set


250 Extruder TCJ250

1 Set


450 vacuum extruder TCJ450

1 Set


4-Shaft vacuum extruder TCJ650

1 Set


Terracotta facade cutter

3 Set


Vacuum pump   X-25

3 Set


Water cooling machine SK-120PT

3 Set


Terracotta facade, terracotta rod moulds

3 Set


Conveyor belt 600



Test mixer HL-1000

1 Set


Vacuum extruder TCJ1320

1 Set


Manual cutter WDQ-S

1 Set


Test mould

1 Set


Terracotta facade panel

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